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Gift Certificates can be purchased securely on this web site, via PayPal, or by calling Fordyce Massage at 734-502-2546.

You can pay with your credit card, and don't need to have a PayPal account to purchase a certificate.

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Purchase by Massage Type - Follow steps 1-4

STEP 1) Select Quantity

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Print your Certificate
- Prior to payment

STEP 2) Select Massage Type

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Basic Swedish Massage

$4030 Minute
$6045 Minute
$7560 Minute
$10590 Minute
$135120 Minute

Specialized Massage

$4530 Minute
$6545 Minute
$8060 Minute
$11090 Minute
$140120 Minute

STEP 4) Add a Tip or Skip to Step 5

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STEP 5) Click Add to Cart and complete purchase

Basic Swedish Massage
One Hour
Quantity: 1
Price: $

STEP 3) Print Gift Certificate - Prior to Payment & Follow #'s 1-6

Gift CertificateClick here to Print Gift Certificate, then write the following on Gift Certificate:

  1. Purchaser Name *
  2. Purchase Date
  3. Check off Massage type (Or skip to #6)
  4. Check off Length (Or skip to #6)
  5. Expiration Date (1 year from purchase date)
  6. Fill in dollar amount near bottom of certificate when purchasing by dollar amount

* If you don't want your name on the Gift Certificate, call 734-502-2546 for an activation number and write this on the Gift Certificate.

Gift Certificates may be extended if you call before they expire.

Thank you, and please call us at 734-502-2546 if you have any questions.